About the Trails:

The trails in close proximity to the parking lots and the beach are relatively smooth with some surfacing. Some of these trails are boardwalks and others have relatively smooth gravel surface. Otherwise, most hiking trails are rough and can be challenging. Typically, on these trails, you will have to step over protruding rocks and tree roots, walk up and down steep steps of rock, and tread through some muddy wet patches. Conditions are often very slippery. Many people find that a walking stick is very helpful on the rough, slippery trails.

You’ll need sturdy footwear such as walking shoes, hiking sneakers, or hiking boots. Street shoes or sandal-type footwear with open toes and heels are not suitable for these rough hiking trails. If you have questions about the conditions of the trails, just give us a call.

We have graded our hiking trails as EASY or MODERATE for hikes under 3 kilometers, and DIFFICULT for hikes over 3 kilometers, such as the Headland Trail. Most outings exceed three hours, so do not forget to bring drinking water, something to eat, and appropriate outdoor clothing.

Hiking times are approximate and do not include time to appreciate nature and views from look-offs.

Beach Walk
  • 2 km (1.2 mi.)
  • Easy trail
  • Time: 45 mins.

Bird watchers should have lots to see as they follow this trail as it traverses the sandy shores of the Psyche Cove Beach system.

Bob Bluff Trail
  • 3 km (1.8 mi.)
  • Basic trail
  • Time: 1 hour

Select this trail for coastal views. The trail begins near the parking area and follows along the shore to the northern end of Psyche Cove providing several enchanting vistas of Mushaboom Harbour and its many islands along the way. The beach and sand dunes at Psyche Cove were formed by sand deposits from the erosion of glacial till and bedrock. The trail links with the Bull Beach Trail at Bob Bluff.

Spry Bay Trail
  • 4 km (2.5 mi.)
  • Moderately challenging
  • Time: 1.5 hours

Hikers wanting to experience a variety of habitats will enjoy taking this loop that passes through a coastal forest, coastal barren, wave-swept boulder shores, coastal freshwater marsh and an inland barren. The trail provides magnificent views of Spry Bay and the rugged coastline.

Bull Beach Trail
  • 6 km (3.7 mi.)
  • Basic trail
  • Time: 2 hours

Backed by a spruce-fir forest, the trail winds along the coast overlooking the harbour.

Headland Trail
  • 8 km (5 mi.)
  • Difficult trail
  • Time: 2.5 hours

This rugged but rewarding, coastline trek to Taylor Head Point provides the maximum experience for the park. The trail returns on the opposite side of Taylor Head where it rejoins the Spry Bay Trail.

Tips for a Safe Trip
  • Hikers should be physically fit.
  • Comfortable hiking boots or other sturdy footwear is recommended.
  • Carry a first aid kit.
  • Cell phones will work in most areas of the park.
  • Beaches are unsupervised. Children should be watched closely in or near the water.
  • Approach cliffs only at designated viewing areas; other areas may be unstable.
  • Stay behind the protective fencing. Obey all signs.
  • Toilets tend to be situated only near the trail heads. Plan accordingly.
  • Pack out all garbage. Do not put garbage in the toilets.

In case of an emergency, notify park staff or call 911. Taylor Head Provincial Park civic address is 20140 Hwy # 7. Park phone number is (902) 772-2218 (mid-May to mid-October).

Park Rules and Regulations

To ensure everyone has a pleasant stay, please note the following: Removing or defacing any park structure, sign or natural features such as plants, trees and rocks is not permitted. Pets must be kept on a 2 m (6 ft.) leash. Owners must clean up after their pets. Fires are permitted only in the provided grills. No other open fires are permitted in the park. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted within the park. Hunting, trapping or carrying firearms within the park is prohibited. The Parks Act & Regulations are in force at all times. A copy is posted at the Park office for your reference. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in your being asked to leave the park.

Full moon Taylor Head Provincial Park

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